Our Story

My wife and I did not want to find out the gender of our second child as there are so few great surprises left in this life, and on May 24, 2012 our family was forever changed. We welcomed our first daughter into the world.  Jamie Faith Douglas was beautiful, and rightly named, because in the year following her birth, our faith would be tested like never before.

At 4 months of age, we started a journey no parents would ever ask for as Jamie Faith starting exhibiting developmental delays. She was not holding her head up like she should or reaching the standard milestones. We didn’t want to compare her with other children so we asked our pediatrician’s opinion. After an MRI and multiple doctors’ visits, we were devastated as we found out our daughter’s brain did not develop completely.

After much therapy, CPR on Jamie, a benefit, and long stays in the hospitals our daughter went to Heaven on April 10, 2013. This left us with questions. Why her? Why us? Why now? We wrestled with real questions like how could a most loving God allow this to happen? Why would he allow our daughter’s brain to not form properly? There were no drugs or alcohol involved or obvious hereditary defects on either side of the family that could have been passed down… There were no answers so we are just left with the same questions.

Through Jamie’s life we turned to The Bible (God’s Word) and prayer (communication with God) as the medical community, and everyone else for that matter, failed to provide any answers.  We quickly figured out that if we were to sit and dwell on these questions by ourselves, we would just end up curled in a ball, crying all day, everyday.  This helped fuel us to start the “Speak Less Love More” campaign and to turn a bad situation and self-centeredness into a good situation and a focus on others.

Thanks and God bless!

To learn more about the Douglas family and their story watch the videos below.

speak less love more from Woodlands Church on Vimeo.